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Movies are one of the major sources of entertainment in this era. Thousands of movies released every year. And, as the popularity of the OTT platform has increased, the number of content has also doubled. And the number of good movies to watch has also increased.

In this constant supply of quality and hyped content sometimes the less known but equally awesome movies (sometimes even more) get neglected, left undiscovered, or unappreciated.

So, here are some good movies to watch that released in 2020 that are worth your time

1- Togo

Directed by Ericson Core. Togo stars two of my favorite actors William Dafoe and the dog( yes, how can you not love the dog) in the lead role. Togo is a real-life story based on an event known as “the great race of mercy” or “1925 serum run to Nome”. The story is about a heroic run of a Siberian husky(Togo), who led a team of sled dogs across hundred miles to deliver medicine during an outbreak in 1925.

Every frame of this movie is a treat to watch. 

And also, the dog is very cute.

2- Guns Akimbo

Ohh, man.! You are going to see your beloved harry potter in a never-seen-before avatar. Directed by Jason Lei Howden, Guns Akimbo stars Daniel Radcliff in the lead role.

The story is set in a fictional world (kinda) and it revolves around a guy, Miles. Miles is a pretty ordinary man. His life takes a huge turn when he finds that he is a part of a deadly game now. And, he has guns attached to his hands(yup).

If you are curious to see Harry Potter kill a lot of people in an over-the-top, action-comedy movie, then this movie is definitely for you.

AND, you can take a shot for every time someone says F##k.

3- Palm Spring

What do you get when you mix a brilliant concept like “TIME LOOP” from movies like Edge of tomorrow and Groundhog day with the “feel good ” vibe of movies like Forrest Gump and The intern.


Starring Andy Samberg, Christin Milioti, and J.K Simmons in important roles, the movie is directed by Max Barbakow.

The movie focuses on two strangers( Andy and Christin)  who meet at a Palm Spring wedding and get stuck in a time loop. The movie has some really good humor and compelling performances by the cast.

And, it also got a lot of praise from the critique.

Definitely worth watching.

4- And then we danced

Are you familiar with traditional Georgian dancing? The dance is about displaying aggression and masculinity, with any sense of sexuality.

This dance is the backbone of this beautiful romantic drama. The movie tells the love story of two same-sex individuals and the problems they face because of their sexual orientation.

Directed by Levan Akin. The movie sheds light on the topic that how homosexuality is still taboo for many people.

Every cast member did a great job but Levan Gelbkhiani was the star of the show.

The movie sparked a protest in Georgia for its portrayal of LGBT+ characters, because it hurt the sentiment of some christen people. Ignoring all this drama, it’s a story that’s been told with understated beauty and love that should definitely be on your watch list.

5- Ordinary love

Sometimes the simplest of things makes a big place in our lives and in our mind. And that’s what makes them beautiful and worth experiencing.

That’s exactly how this movie has been told. Directed by Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’sa, the movie stars Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville in lead roles.

The story is about a 60-year-old couple living an ordinary life. But things start to escalate when they find out that Manville is suffering from a disease. The way of expressing things is very subtle and grounded. Sometimes actors just communicate through their expressions and it is so heartwarming to watch. The journey of Neesan and Manville will make you appreciate the feeling of companionship and love.

Watch this movie for great performances by the cast and for the way a beautiful story has been told.

Happy watching..!!! good movies to watch

Dinesh Thakur

A boy in his 20's who loves movies, shows, books, comics, anime, games.
Basically, anything that has a story to tell. Currently living in Chandigarh and working to enhance my skills as a Digital Marketer.

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