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When thinking about starting to read, young adult novels have time and again proven themselves to be interesting and gripping besides being beginner-friendly. Young adult novels often pave the way for trends with their catchy dialogues and iconic sub-scenes. And all this, while remaining literary masterpieces as well. Young adult novels, seemingly focusing on the youth is still very much readable by any generation given their charm. Following are some young adult novels (by no means in order of superiority) that are a good choice, to begin with:


A short read you could finish in a day or two (even though there’s no hurry, take your time). With an easy writing style and charming narrative, this lgbtq+ inclusive young adult novel offers a very different viewpoint on life.

With Mateo, 18, and Rufus, 17 being the main two characters in the story, who know they are going to die in the next 24 hours. Yes, go on. Just remember to keep a tissue box handy for this one though.

FANGIRL. Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is one of the best young adult novels to read if you feel like you need a cozy warm hug. With a slow narrative (in a good way) this novel gives you enough time to drink up the details that the author offers you. The novel focuses on nerdy Cath, the ‘fangirl’, her beautiful twin Wren, and Levi, the charming guy no one regrets being around. With a romantic sub-scene in this already romantic plot, trust me it’s still not an overdose of romance, because Rainbow Rowell balances it out just perfectly.


A 2015 young adult novel about a 16 years old closeted gay protagonist, Simon Spier, who uses a secret email ‘hourtohour.notetonote’, to communicate with his schoolmate, another closeted gay person who goes by the name Blue online. This young adult novel received the rightly deserved recognition and was gifted a film adaptation by the name Love, Simon as well.

WE WERE LIARS. E. Lockhart

A critically acclaimed young adult novel can easily be one of the best young adult fiction to date. The novel focuses on the members of the wealthy and perfect Sinclair family. Who spend their every summer vacation on their private island. The plot revolves around one such summer after which apparently everything changed for this family. With a breathtaking narrative, hard-hitting dialogues, spine-chilling scenes, and romantic episodes, this young adult has to offer everything one can ask for and more.

13 REASONS WHY. Jay Asher

A 2007 young adult novel that follows the story about a set of cassettes left by Hannah Baker which tells the narrative of the thirteen reasons as to why she committed suicide. she leaves behind the cassettes for the thirteen people who she holds responsible for her death. the story follows the point of view of Clay, who is one of the receivers of the cassette. Whether the novel glorifies suicide and blames stressors for it or not, is debatable. But a TV adaptation brings enough attention to the novel, which sure has the literary potential and deserves a read.

Shabnam Bharty

A 22 years old medical student who loves turning to a writer by the night. Even when I might read more than I actually write. Fuzzy love, stars and stories about Greek gods or undersea mysteries, can turn the stoic me to an array of emotions.

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